Kaitlyn Robles

Marketing Director

Kaitlyn will be your go to for all of your program needs! She is here to assist with any questions and help you to complete your Reimbursement Program with success and ease!

Cody & Emily Friddle

Satellite Distributors

Cody and Emily are the Satellite Distributors for the Baton Rouge office. Rainbow is a true passion of theirs and they enjoy working closely with all staff, representatives and customers on a daily basis. They are always available and happy to help you with any questions or needs!

Shaun Smith

Office Administrator

Shaun will be the first face you see when you walk in the door and the first voice you hear when you give us a call! He has been with the business for many years and can answer most questions you might have! If he can’t, he will be quick to point you in the right direction!

Happy Customers

I couldn’t imagine life without my Rainbow! My Rainbow is there for all messes, big or small, and is easy enough for everyday use. It gives me peace of mind knowing I am actually cleaning and not just pushing dirt and dust around, especially with a baby on the way. Setting and completing 12 demos was so easy and more than worth the time spent doing so! Thank you Rainbow!
Courtney WambsgansHappy Rainbow Customer
I will forever own a Rainbow! I love how I can deep clean my entire house, including the furniture and air! The best part about my Rainbow is it was free! My husband and I had no problem completing 12 demos to earn our Rainbow and all the bonus gifts! I grew up with a Rainbow in the 90’s and it’s still the same amazing system, just with even more upgrades and perks!
Sydnee GautreauHappy Rainbow Customer



AHAM is currently the only independent association that certifies air cleaners in the
United States.

The Rainbow® is the only home cleaning system in the world that has been officially certified as an
Air Cleaner.

The Rainbow® Cleaning System has been evaluated by an independent testing laboratory and the CRI has granted it the Green Label Seal of Approval in all three tested elements:

Soil removal
Dust containments
Carpet appearance

The AAFA is the leading non-profit organization in the United States  representing the interests of asthma and allergy sufferers and it is independently dedicated to identifying effective solutions for people with breathing problems.

This certification is only awarded to home cleaning systems that have been scientifically proven to remove allergens from the home without redistributing the particles back into the air.