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I am stating that I fully understand the qualifications and guidelines as they apply to a referral and that any show that does not meet all the criteria will not count towards my Rainbow Reimbursement Program.

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Our Happy Customers

I couldn’t imagine life without my Rainbow! My Rainbow is there for all messes, big or small, and is easy enough for everyday use. It gives me peace of mind knowing I am actually cleaning and not just pushing dirt and dust around, especially with a baby on the way. Setting and completing 12 demos was so easy and more than worth the time spent doing so! Thank you Rainbow!
Courtney WambsgansHappy Rainbow Customer
I will forever own a Rainbow! I love how I can deep clean my entire house, including the furniture and air! The best part about my Rainbow is it was free! My husband and I had no problem completing 12 demos to earn our Rainbow and all the bonus gifts! I grew up with a Rainbow in the 90’s and it’s still the same amazing system, just with even more upgrades and perks!
Sydnee GautreauHappy Rainbow Customer